A-Z of methods

  • Adding users

    Basic request POST https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/users/create Parameters sex: Required; must be M or F country: Required; must be a valid ISO Alpha-2 … Read more →

  • assessment

    Basic request GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/assessment/{KEY} where   {KEY}  is the two-letter key of the assessment in question. See also Assessments API Domain … Read more →

  • assessments

    Basic request: GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/assessments HTTP/1.1 See also Assessment API Domain Returns an object containing an iterable array of objects where … Read more →

  • Auto-assignment

    A user can be created, and assigned surveys, in a single request. This is achieved by adding additional parameters to … Read more →

  • Auto-assignment parameters

    In addition to the basic assignment POST parameters, if, during user creation, you wish to automatically assign assessments to the … Read more →

  • Creating groups

    Basic request: POST https://{APIDOAMIN}/api-v1/groups/create Parameters name: Required; the human readable name of the group type: Required; the type of group … Read more →

  • group/{uuid}

    Basic request: GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/group/{UUID}   This GET request expects a URL slug (represented by {UUID}). The UUID must belong to a … Read more →

  • List users

    Basic request: GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/users Returns a collection of objects, each object representing a user, where the user is attached to … Read more →

  • Listing groups

    Basic request GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/groups Returns a nested representation of the groups attached to your organisation. Example response: { “type”: “groups”, … Read more →

  • Occupations

    Basic request GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/occupations See also API Domain Response Returns the full list of over 600 occupations, nested as per … Read more →

  • Occupations – depth

    Basic request GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/occupations/depth/{INT} INT must be a number between 0 and 3 (inclusive). Omitting (or using an otherwise invalid) … Read more →

  • Occupations by group

    Basic request GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/occupations/group/{INT} There are ten occupation top-level groups recognised by ISCO-08, so INT must be a number between … Read more →

  • Survey/next

    Basic request: PUT https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/survey/next The  survey/next method provides three distinct phases of idempotent functionality: Preview and prepare the assigned survey … Read more →

  • Surveys Available

    Basic request GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/surveys/available This request is designed to tell you how many “blank” surveys your organisation has. Blank surveys … Read more →

  • Surveys/reserve

    The  surveys/reserve  method permits an organisation to increase its stock of assignable surveys. Surveys can be assigned to respondents under … Read more →

  • user/{uuid}

    Basic request: GET https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/user/{UUID}   This GET request expects a URL slug (represented by {UUID}). The UUID must belong to a … Read more →

  • user/assign

    A user can be assigned assessments with POST user/assign. Basic request. POST https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/user/assign Base parameters user_uuid: Required; must be a … Read more →

  • user/join

    Basic request: PUT https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/user/join Joins a user to a group. Idempotent. Parameters: user_uuid string the v4uuid of a user belonging to … Read more →

  • user/leave

    Basic request: PUT https://{APIDOMAIN}/api-v1/user/leave Causes a user to leave a group. Idempotent. Parameters: user_uuid string the v4uuid of a user belonging … Read more →