• A-Z of methods

  • Introduction

    Profiles for People’s API documentation provides methods for developers to create powerful behavioural assessment experiences to suit the enterprise. No … Read more →

  • Fundamentals

    PfP keywords used in requests PfP is a system for displaying assessments, creating “sessions” that permit your end users to … Read more →

  • Managing Users

  • Listing assessments

    The  assessment  and  assessments  keywords provide the API consumer with GET request capability for retrieving information about one or more PfP … Read more →

  • Surveys

    PfP reserves the keywords survey and surveys for use in methods where an assessment is being, or has been, assigned to … Read more →

  • ISCO Occupations

    See also: Fundamentals > Occupations

  • Working with groups

    When creating assessments for users it is often useful to be able to associate a user with some sort of … Read more →